Improve the Sustainability of Clothing and Textiles

Our revolutionary technologies set new standards for performance and sustainability in:

Sustainability Is Our Core Purpose

Creating solutions to improve our environment.

The manufacture and cleaning of clothing and fabrics are water and energy-intensive processes that uses large volumes of chemicals and generates significant emissions and waste. As consumers and industry look to reduce these impacts, they are seeking innovative solutions that protect the environment.

By integrating Xeros' technologies in washing machines and apparel production equipment, we provide manufacturers with the opportunity to transform the sustainability of their customers. 

Our technologies set new standards for sustainability and performance through:

  • Significantly reduced water consumption
  • Lower carbon and effluent emissions
  • Vastly reduced microplastic pollution
  • Improved results at lower cost

Domestic Applications

Domestic washing machines are essential items for many of the world's households, but they consume vast amounts of water, energy and detergent.

Their harsh mechanical action also damages clothes, including shrinkage and fading of colours. Garments shed microfibres and microplastics when washed, a significant source of pollution. 

Incorporating Xeros technologies in household washing machines produces cleaner, brighter, longer-lasting clothes using less water and dramatically reducing microfibre release.


Commercial Applications

Large capacity machines used in commercial laundries and apparel manufacture are a big investment.

On-going operating costs are significant, with high utility and chemical consumption. This machinery is a source of significant emissions, which requires expensive abatement. 

Our innovative technologies dramatically improve both ROI and productivity. They do so with unparalleled sustainability.


Our World Needs New Solutions

So everyone can have access to the resources that they need.

A rapidly warming climate and the overuse and over extraction of water is unfortunately leaving hundreds of millions of people without access to clean, safe water.

Pollution from industry and consumers is posing a serious threat to wildlife, our food chain and the health of our planet.

Our world needs technologies such as those developed by Xeros so we can each consume less of the Earth's precious and finite natural resources. 

The manufacture of clothes and their subsequent care consumes vast amounts of valuable resources. It is more important than ever that fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers, governments and consumers adopt new solutions to extend the world's resources.

Xeros is working with stakeholders to move water from processes to people.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission is to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Increasingly, they are the standard for enterprises that are determined to help sustain our future.

Our actions are directed specifically towards a number of the United Nations goals.

UN SDG websiteMore about Xeros and the SDGs

Our Core Purpose is to dramatically improve the sustainability of clothing and fabrics throughout their life cycle. Integrating Xeros technologies into your products can deliver unrivalled sustainability for you and your customers.
Lets work together to make your products more environmentally friendly.
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