Sustainable Solutions for Denim Washing and Processing

Making one pair of jeans requires 10,000 litres of water (equivalent to 10 years worth of drinking water for a single person) and large amounts of energy and chemicals.

In fact, the use of washing machines in apparel manufacturing is estimated to require 20 billion cubic meters of water per year globally.

But, by integrating Xeros Technologies in apparel production equipment, the environmental impact of the clothes produced is dramatically improved. Watch our video to find out more. 



A New Approach to Denim Processing and Finishing

Xeros-enabled machinery used in denim wet processing is a better, greener, faster and cheaper solution that benefits the producer, the consumer and the planet.

better quality

Finished denim looks and feels better

Delivering better finished garments than conventional processes.

When Xeros Technologies are used, there is reduced back-staining, improved garment contrast, less creasing, superior appearance and replicable results. 


Less water, energy, chemistry and waste

Processing and finishing denim with Xeros Technologies can cut water consumption by up to 60%, reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, and use up to 40% less chemistry.

XOrbsTM replace the need for pumice stone which means less environmental waste without sacrificing the look and feel that consumers love about their favourite pair of jeans.


All operations in one machine

Unlike conventional processes, Xeros undertakes all operations
(abrasion, bleaching and tinting) in one machine.

As no pumice stones are used, there is no need to physically remove them (de-stoning), so production times are reduced.


Reduced costs and fewer rejects 

Using less water and energy will save you a significant amount of money on utility costs.

Staffing costs will also be reduced as there is no need for the labour-intensive process of separating stones. 

Finally, lower reject rates mean you will meet supply demand quicker whilst improving your overall margin.

There are plenty more advantages to switching to a Xeros-enabled machine. Access our Features & Benefits leaflet to find out more. 

Still unsure how XOrbsTM and XDrumTM can ensure jeans are produced more sustainably? Download our Sustainable Denim Brochure.

Sustainable Denim Brochure

The Technology of Choice for World-Leading Manufacturers

Original Equipment manufacturers can easily integrate Xeros technology into their textile processing equipment - allowing them to be more sustainable whilst providing an even better wash and finish performance.

Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments PVT Ltd, the commercial partner of Xeros for garment finishing equipment in South Asia, explains why embedding these innovative technologies into their machines will significantly impact the fashion world.

Across India and South Asia, garment manufacturers are actively looking for new and innovative technologies to help us protect our environment, which is under extreme pressure from the effects of a changing climate.

By embedding Xeros technologies in our equipment our clients will save water, energy and reduce harmful emissions. It represents the best option for sustainability.



Ramsons have installed Xeros-enabled machines into ABA Group's operations in Bangladesh. ABA are a supplier of clothing to international brands including American Eagle, H&M and Zara.


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