Hydrofinity Washing System: 1 Billion Litres of Water Saved and Counting…

We are both proud and excited to report that today we reach a significant milestone in our mission to reduce water consumption in water-intensive industries; Our low-water laundry system has now helped organisations across the globe save over 1 billion litres (264 million US gallons) of water since 2014!

To give that number some context... that's enough for 10.56 million 10-minute showers. Enough to provide water for days to everyone in New York, USA! Certainly enough to make a huge dent in the water-footprint of commercial laundry.

Why is reducing water use so important to us?

water-dropAlongside our parent company Xeros Technology Group, our core purpose is to protect and conserve one of our most precious and finite resources – water. In just over five years, two-thirds of the world's population may be facing water shortages. It is essential we act NOW to help tackle this issue.

Our low water washing system uses up to 80% less water than conventional washing machines. We also have the only commercial washing machine in the world with Environmentally Preferred Status.

What industries do Hydrofinity supply washing machines into?

You may already know that our commercial washing machines are in hotels and commercial laundries throughout the world, but do you know we’re in other, less obvious businesses too?

Car washes

One of the most recent (and we'll be honest, surprising) industries to take on our washing system is the booming car wash industry. No, we can't quite fit a car into our machines, but they're perfect for laundering the rags & cloths used to polish vehicles. We already have a number of car wash customers on the West Coast of America, and have recently received a number of enquiries from across Europe.

High Performance Workwear

The Hydrofinity washing machine is renowned for giving a superior wash, and it does a particularly great job of gently cleaning visi-strips on high visibility clothing - ensuring the strips last longer and perform as intended. One customer in France uses ten of our machines to clean rail uniforms.

Food preparation

We all know how difficult it is making sure whites stay white, but trying to keep chefs' whites and aprons looking new takes it to another level! The oils and stains that chefs get on their uniforms aren’t always easy to remove, but - of course - the Hydrofinity machine removes them with ease. The food preparation industry must reduce food processing risks, optimise operational efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Our machine is helping food preparation businesses across South Africa do just this.  


Did you know Xeros technology-powered washing systems do a great job of cleaning fire fighter and other first responder uniforms? Visit the MARKEN website to find out more.


Hospitality is our most popular industry and you can find our machine in hotel laundries across the world. From a family-friendly resort on the Gold Coast of Australia to one of England's greatest coaching inns, our machines are saving water and making linens & towels look like new. Check out our hospitality case studies.

Spa and leisure

Spas work incredibly hard to create a luxurious and relaxing environment for their guests, but treatments can leave an ugly mess behind on linens – something customers certainly don’t want to see. Oils remaining behind on towels and robes can also present a serious fire risk in dryers – a risk the supremely effective Hydrofinity system significantly reduces. One of our UK customers, Whittlebury Hall, says “the Hydrofinity machine has worked wonders" in their spa laundry.

Commercial Laundries

Commercial launderers need to deliver spotless linens, on time, and at competitive prices. Controlling costs is key to your profitability. Watch our video case study to see what our commercial laundry customers have to say…

In what countries is Hydrofinity transforming laundry?

globe_1024To find out exactly where Hydrofinity is reducing water consumption, read our World Water Day blog.

If you’d like to add to these savings by switching to a Hydrofinity machine, or if you have any questions, please email us for further information. 

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