French Customer Wins Exclusive Contract To Wash Uniforms of Notre-Dame Workers

The whole world heard about the devastating fire that ripped through the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France back in April 2019. By the time it was extinguished, the building's spire and most of its roof had been destroyed and the rest of the building was severely damaged. 

Restoration work was revived on 19th August and every morning, workers put on clean clothes thanks to Hydrofinity customer, Georges.

Georges specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of workwear and can remove all trace of ash and lead particles from the outfits of Notre-Dame workers. Georges were chosen by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (Drac) of Île-de-France, for the cleaning of the outfits of all stakeholders of the Notre-Dame site partly because of their proximity to the Notre-Dame yard, Georges have a unit at Saclay, in Essone, about thirty kilometres away. But it is probably the superior cleaning process and green credentials that really won Drac over.

Karine Da Silva, Chairwoman of Georges, said:

karine-da-silva-georges_16.9"We have the European exclusivity for the deployment of Hydrofinity washing machines. Machines that use 80% less water thanks to the use of XOrbsTM in the drum. With Hydrofinity, we have developed all the washing and decontamination cycles we offer based on customer issues. The fact that we control the decontamination chain, that we know how to eliminate the lead and that the water of the cleaning cycle is stored and recycled by a specialized company was taken into account by the Drac."

About Georges

Georges currently process the outfits of 25,000 employees and have 50 of their own staff. As well as the Notre-Dame account, Georges have plenty of other high-profile customers including SNCF, Renault Design and Air France. Karine and her team wash between 500 - 600 Air France uniforms every day, these include pilot and hostess outfits.

They have been Hydrofinity customers since 2016 and currently have 10 Hydrofinity washing machines across their 5 sites in France.

Jamie Harrison, Sales and Channel Director EMEA at Hydrofinity, said:

"We have been working with Karine and her team for nearly 5 years now and we are thrilled that our machines are helping her to win a series of big accounts whilst helping to keep workers safe. Being able to remove hazardous contaminants such as lead from dirty uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a big selling point for Georges and not all commercial laundries can offer this." 

As well as offering superior cleaning, the Hydrofinity washing machine is the only one in the world with Environmentally Preferred Status.


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