How to Take Control of Your Hotel’s Laundry Services

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For many hoteliers, laundry operations can be a serious concern. When running an in-house laundry operation, the associated costs can sometimes spiral out of control. Between the labor for running the machines and folding linens, the copious amounts of water consumed with each load, and the heating utilities for keeping said water hot, the operational costs for running an in-house hotel laundry operation can quickly spiral out of control.

So, as a hotelier, how can you stay in control of sometimes unpredictable operational costs and still provide guests with timely, efficient laundry service?

Option #1: Outsourcing Laundry

For many hotels, outsourcing laundry is an attractive option for putting a predictable cap on laundry related expenses. With this option, your hotel sends laundry to a commercial launderer who can handle the sorting, spot-treating, washing, ironing, and folding of linens for you.

The advantage here is that your hotel can simplify the billing for laundry operations by only having to deal with the laundry service vendor as opposed to a dozen other vendors.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using an outsourced laundry operation, including:

  1. Cost. While outsourcing laundry operations may simplify billing, the commercial laundry operator still has to contend with many of the same expenses your in-house laundry operation would, and make money too. Add in the cost of shipping laundry to and from the commercial laundry operation, and your actual costs per month for laundry may rise.
  2. Timeliness of Services. With an in-house laundry operation, you can get freshly-soiled linens cleaned right away, before stains can set. However, with an outsourced laundry operation, your hotel has to wait for linens to be picked up, allowing stains to set and potentially ruin fabrics that could have been saved with timely treatment. Not only that, but if your hotel ever runs low on linens, the wait imposed by shipping laundry back and forth can result in unacceptable gaps in service, such as not having clean bedding or table linens for guests. This generally means investing in more total linens to keep up your available supply.

Overall, outsourcing might simplify billing, but your actual laundry costs might go up, and the speed of your laundry operation will be reduced.

Option #2: Upgrading to Low-Water Washers

Rather than outsourcing your laundry operation, you can replace your existing equipment with newer, more efficient laundry machines. “How much more efficient,” you ask? How about a new type of machine that uses up to 80% less water, half the chemicals, and half the heating utilities that would be consumed by a standard washer-extractor?

As fantastic as it might seem, there is a new type of laundry machine that largely eliminates water waste and gets fabrics clean with half the chemical and heating utility: the Hydrofinity low-water washing machine.

How it Works

Unlike a standard laundry machine, the machine uses millions of proprietary XOrbs to remove foreign substances from fabrics. Stains and soils are trapped inside the XOrbs, which are then carried away from the wash drum and dropped into a wet sump to be prepared for another wash. The XOrbs basically replace water as the primary cleaning medium in the wash.

What little water the Hydrofinity machine does use is there only to help the XOrbs move from one part of the wash process to the next and is sprayed in to the washer, rather than poured.

Continuous Service with a Single Vendor

With a Hydrofinity machine, laundry operators also receive:

  • Installation. You don’t have to worry about making sure your machines are hooked up correctly, because expert Hydrofinity technicians can install the machines for you.
  • Service & Maintenance. Hydrofinity offers regular servicing and maintenance to keep your machine(s) running at peak efficiency and with minimal downtime.
  • Chemicals. With Hydrofinity, the detergent you need to operate your machine comes directly from us, taking the guesswork out of budgeting for your chemical use.
  • XOrb Recycling & Replacement. The Hydrofinity XOrbs are highly reusable, good for 500 or more wash cycles before needing replacement. When the time comes for the beads to be replaced, Hydrofinity will take the old ones off of your hands and supply you with new ones.
  • Training and Support. Hydrofinity provides training for your employees to teach them how to use the machine and smooth the transition to using a new type of laundry machine. Afterwards, you’ll have access to technical support and laundry system management 24/7.

Each of the above services and more is all through a single vendor, which simplifies billing.

All of this is in addition to the benefit of having a machine that can process laundry with far less water, chemical, and heating utility consumption than a standard water-based laundry machine. This not only reduces your hospitality’s carbon footprint, but it can lower your monthly bills, bringing in-house laundry operation costs back under control.

Even better, your laundry operation will be more efficient with superior cleaning and fabric life, providing further savings on the cost of replacing linens. Since your operation will still be in-house, you’ll have full control over how quickly linens are processed and your guests won’t have to wait for their linens to be shipped off-site and back in order to enjoy clean fabrics.

Learn more about Hydrofinity low-water laundry machines here!

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