Partner Spotlight: KRM Tekstil Boya, Turkey

Turkey, Affinity Partner | May 23, 2019 1:15:00 PM

Tolga Güvenir, Board Member at Turkish company, KRM Tekstil Boya was looking for a sustainable washing solution and came across the Hydrofinity website. After initial talks with Hydrofinity's Sales and Channel Director, EMEA, Jamie Harrison, KRM signed as Full-Service Affinity Partners at the end of 2017. Download our Affinity Partner Spotlight to read more.

After extensive sales, installation and servicing training, Tolga and his team installed their first machine in their own factory. Impressed with the reliability of the machine and its results, Tolga purchased more Hydrofinity machines in 2019 and plans to sell them to commercial laundries and hotels throughout Turkey. The team also exhibited at the Anfas Hotel Equipment Show in January 2019, read more about this here.

About KRM Tekstil Boya:

KRMKRM have been operating in the garment washing and dyeing sector for 25 years. Its large processing plant in Turkey employs approximately 300 staff and has state-of-the-art equipment. The company specialise in:

• Socks Dyeing and Washing
• Seamless Wear Dyeing and Washing
• Garment Dyeing and Washing

The textile dyeing and washing industry use a lot of water. To process 1 kilogram of goods, between 10-20 litres of water will be used. To protect water resources and reduce costs, KRM decided they must take action so partnered with Hydrofinity, the provider of ultra-low water commercial washing systems.

Why did KRM choose Hydrofinity?

Tolga chose to partner with Hydrofinity because of their sustainable washing system that uses up to 80% less water and up to 50% less chemistry than conventional washing machines. As well as this, Tolga was impressed with the constant support he received from the sales, service and marketing teams. 

"Partnering with Hydrofinity means all textile and laundry businesses in Turkey can benefit from their machine. It's one of the easiest and most rewarding partnerships we've ever had."

Tolga Güvenir, Board Member at KRM Tekstil Boya

Are you ready to make a splash in your region?

As Hydrofinity expands into new regions, we look to partner with local companies able to provide a Sales and Service package to potential customers. Imagine being the only provider in your region to offer this pioneering sustainable laundry technology and related consumables! Contact us at for details of your next step towards profiting from this revolutionary, multi-award winning laundry equipment, backed up by a web-based IoT laundry monitoring system and support services. Download our Affinity Partner Brochure.

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