Press Release: Hydrofinity Moves to a  Licensing Model in the UK & USA

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Hydrofinity – a division of Xeros Technology Group (XTG) – has announced it has moved to a licensing model in the UK and USA following similar agreements in international markets including: China, India, Dubai and South Africa. The move is designed to ensure that Hydrofinity is well positioned to provide customers with the highest level of ongoing service and support.

Due to the increased number of Hydrofinity washing machines at sites across the UK and USA, Hydrofinity has partnered with several companies to ensure their valued customers continue to receive high-quality support. Here's a summary of the key changes in each country.

UK Licensing Model 

Service and Maintenance

WashCo_Primary_Logo_With_Strap_CMYK_300dpiTo ensure downtime is kept to a minimum and response times are fast, Hydrofinity have partnered with WashCo, the UK’s leading provider of commercial laundry equipment maintenance. Their highly trained engineers are based at a number of satellite depots across the UK, so current and new Hydrofinity customers will have an engineer in their local region. 

Chemistry Supply

ZepCustomers will continue to receive the same chemicals but these will now come directly from Zep UK Ltd. In Hydrofinity's drive to be more sustainable, transport emissions will be reduced, and all bottles are 100% recyclable and able to go directly into everyday recycling. 

Sales and Support

The Hydrofinity team are still on hand to support existing customers through this transition phase and a dedicated Technical Sales Manager is still assigned to all customers. All new sales will continue through Hydrofinity. 

USA Licensing Model 

All States Except California and Arizona

EasternLaundrySystemsEastern Laundry Systems - one-stop laundry experts with a central philosophy of customer satisfaction - will service, repair and supply chemistry for Hydrofinity laundry equipment across the whole of the United States apart from California and Arizona. ELS will also manage the sales of new Hydrofinity equipment in the same regions. 

California and Arizona

WASHIQ LOGOWash IQ will service, repair and supply chemistry for Hydrofinity laundry equipment throughout California and Arizona. Wash IQ are veterans in the laundry industry with over 50 years' experience.

As part of the move, Hydrofinity USA will undertake a programme of site consolidation, centralising manufacturing and business support functions within its headquarters in Sheffield, England, streamlining back-office processes and maximising synergies across all products.

Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Hydrofinity, said:

“Hydrofinity has built up a great network of regional distributors – known as Affinity Partners – across the US and these partners will now service all existing and future Hydrofinity customers in the US.” 

“These Partners will continue to stock and sell Hydrofinity commercial washing machines, featuring ground-breaking Xeros Technologies. Although our engineering function in Rhode Island is transitioning to the UK headquarters, we are confident that by working more closely with partners, we will better serve our customers to fully benefit from the improved performance, economics and sustainability of the Hydrofinity system.”

These agreements reflect Xeros Technology Group's strategy of reducing its physical presence in markets to zero and implementing its licensing model.

Mark Nichols, Chief Executive of Xeros, said:

"These agreements in the USA and the UK are another step in the migration of our Hydrofinity business towards a full licensing model."

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