Marriott Hotel See A Return On Investment In 8 Months By Bringing Laundry In-House

Hotels installing an on-premise laundry typically see a return on investment (ROI) in 12-18 months, while taking operational control and improving wash quality. But Hydrofinity customer, The Marriott London Heathrow have just seen a return on investment within an astonishing 8 months!

London Heathrow Marriott Case StudyIn October 2018 the 393-room Heathrow airport hotel had a 20kg Hydrofinity washing machine installed because they were bringing their laundry back in-house, read the full case study here. By choosing Hydrofinity equipment, they dramatically reduced their outsource costs, energy and water bills and generated long-term savings in well under one year. 

The hotel also significantly reduced their environmental impact, something they are very passionate about. Read our Customer Focus blog to see what other sustainability measures they have implemented. 

Benefits of An On-Premise Laundry

Dirty laundry is constantly being created in hotels. Many hotels just hand it over to an outsourced laundry business who collect, clean and deliver it back. This may seem convenient, but it is usually expensive and laundry doesn't always come back as clean as you would like. So, if you can get your money back in just 8 months, why don't more hotels have an on-site laundry (76% of UK hotels use off-site laundries)?

Here are 6 reasons hotels should have an on-site laundry...

1.  It's quick and easy 

Some commercial washing machines can carry out a quick wash cycle in just 50 minutes. The Hydrofinity machine can complete a cycle in just 35 minutes which means that you can complete your entire laundry load in a much shorter time or you can get more loads washed during a normal shift. Either way, this is a much more efficient way of carrying out your laundry.

2. Equipment lasts a long time

It’s no secret that the initial investment for commercial laundry equipment is greater than domestic machines, but it’s an investment worth making. Many businesses think they can keep costs down by using domestic machines in their on-premise laundry, but they pay the price in the long run. Higher running costs; more breakdowns and downtime; greater maintenance costs; and reduced warranty cover are just some of the issues that they might face. Commercial equipment is tested to operate for at least 30,000 hours.  

3. It takes up less room than expected

If the space has access to services and plumbing, every hotel could have an on-premise laundry. The laundry room at The Marriott London Heathrow is just 8 x 3 metres and they have plenty of room for a washer and dryer. With easy-to-use controls and multiple programme options that can be created to meet your individual needs; this new laundry operation won’t require any new staff. Any member of the existing workforce can be taught how to use this equipment to the optimum level as part of their everyday tasks.

4. You have more control on quality 

Although 76% of hotels use offsite laundries, only 37% were highly satisfied with the quality of service and 54% with how clean it was despite hygiene quality and cleanliness being cited as the most important factor of laundry. The biggest complaints about outsourcing laundry are mix-ups, laundry damage and long turnaround times. All hotels that have installed a Hydrofinity on-site laundry have reported a better wash quality and happier guests. 

5. It's environmentally friendly

By having an in-house laundry, you'll reduce your carbon emissions from both the washing operation and the transport for frequent laundry collections. The Hydrofinity washing machine uses up to 80% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less chemistry than a conventional machine meaning it washes at lower temperatures so laundry is better cared for and lasts longer - multiple wins! It's also the only environmentally preferred commercial washing machine in the world...

6. You will save money

When you outsource your laundry there is little opportunity to lower your costs, unless you are constantly changing supplier and chasing cheaper rates (which is hardly practical). You will forever be at the mercy of the laundry company’s prices. By bringing your laundry in-house and choosing your equipment carefully, you will generate long-term savings and ROI.

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