Success in China: First XDrum Install in Chain-Branded Hotel

The Holiday Inn, Shanghai, China is the first property in the world to have a commercial XDrumTM washing machine onsite. The install was the first one carried out by Chinese partner, Jiangsu SeaLion Machinery (“Sea-Lion”), with the support of Hydrofinity. 

The IHG owned hotel has 300-bedrooms and is an IHG Green Engage Hotel, meaning guests participate in an an advanced, world-wide sustainability effort. To support their sustainability goals, the hotel added a water and energy efficient, 32kg capacity XDrum machine to their on-site laundry at the end of August 2019. This machine upgrade takes the washing capacity of their laundry equipment up to 250kg and they will be using the machine to wash towels, bedding, shower curtains, slippers and robes.

What is XDrum?

XDrum is much like a standard washing machine drum or cage but it has a storage system that dispenses and collects XOrbsTM - the small polymer spheres which replace the need for as much water in the wash cycle. XOrbs offer multiple benefits, including reduced consumption of water and energy by up to 50% and a gentler, deeper clean for garments.

See XDrum in action below or read more in our brochure.


Sea-Lion are the first partner globally to incorporate XDrum into their commercial washing machines. 

Hong Chen, Chairman of Jiangsu Sea-Lion Machinery, said:

"Chinese customers are demanding laundry equipment which saves them money, delivers better quality washing, is reliable and is easy to maintain. Our machines using Xeros’ world-leading cleaning technology will deliver this."

Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Hydrofinity, said:

"We are thrilled to have our first XDrum machine in a popular, well-known hotel in China and look forward to them saving water, energy and money on utility bills.

It has been a pleasure working alongside Sea-Lion on the development, production, and install of this machine and we look forward to seeing many more machines go into customer sites throughout China in the next year.

The engineering team have done a fantastic job of incorporating our products into their machine. With minimal changes, they have maintained their existing product features and performance while adding all of the benefits that come with our water-saving technology; spray wash, water reclaim, gentler mechanical action and longer garment and fabric life."

See XDrum For Yourself!

We are looking forward to displaying XDrum at Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo next month. You can find us on the Sea-Lion stand - N2D25 - at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 25th-27th September. Email to arrange a meeting.

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