Texcare Asia 2019: A Round Up of China's Biggest Textile & Laundry Trade Show

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This week, the team returned from China following a great show at Texcare Asia & China Laundry Expo 2019, we were simply blown away by the turnout at the stand we shared with our partner, Sea-Lion. It was a wonderful experience to be able to share our revolutionary washing technology with so many interested people. We'd like to thank all the attendees who stopped by to speak with us, we spoke with people from across China and the rest of Asia, Europe and Australasia.For those who do not know about it - Texcare Asia is the main event in Asia for the laundering, dry cleaning and textile services industry. It's a terrific resource for learning about the latest products, trends and strategies to improve your laundry's bottom line. The three-day event attracted close to 25,000 visitors. 

Show Highlights

Visitors were attracted to our machine to see how the XOrbsTM and new XDrumTM work together. As well as being amazed by the water and energy savings, people were particularly impressed by our display items. These items (glittery t-shirts, chef whites and hi-vis workwear) had been split in half and washed in either a conventional washing machine or a Hydrofinity washing machine. The items washed in the Hydrofinity machine showed a superior wash quality and extended linen life. 

Texcare Asia display linensThe glittery t-shirt stayed glittery after 15 washes in a Hydrofinity machine, there was also no transfer damage, unlike the one that had the same number of washes in a conventional machine. The Hydrofinity washed chef whites had most of the oils and fats removed and the Hydrofinity washed workwear had far less oil on and shinier visi strips than the same item washed in the conventional machine. More images from the show can be found on our LinkedIn page

Whilst the team were in China, they dropped by the Holiday Inn, Shanghai to see the first XDrum machine in action. Staff at the hotel are very impressed with the wash performance and water savings they have seen over the past month, we'll be sharing a case study on this site over the coming months, stay tuned!

Popular Questions

The big question we kept hearing - "do XOrbs come out of the machine?" We've written about this before but we’d like to clarify once and for all - NO! Our technology is specifically designed to prevent this from happening. Please watch this 46-second video for a full explanation of how an XDrum removes and stores XOrbs before the end of a wash cycle.

To see what other questions were popular, download our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Partnership with Sea-Lion

Some of our colleagues from Xeros Technology Group (Hydrofinity's parent company) also joined us at this important event. 

Mark Nichols, CEO at XTG, officially launched XDrum on day 1 of the show with an exciting speech to visitors and media.

"Today we launch the SX450 which is the first of a range of sizes of machines which will transform Chinese laundry from this day forward. This revolutionary machine - which brings extraordinary benefits - will be available for sale through Sea-Lion's national network.

The SX450 will deliver unparalleled sustainability at very low costs. We would like to thank Sea-Lion and Chairman Chen for being our valued partner over the years and working so hard to bring this revolutionary technology to China."

We'll be sharing plenty more blogs and developments from China shortly, but right now we are riding out the wave from a very exciting event! Thanks again to all who stopped by. For further information or to buy this machine in China, please contact Mr. Lu Wei at Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co. Ltd.

If you're looking for technical specs for this machine, download our Chinese XDrum datasheet.

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