The Global Water Industry:  Where the Jobs Are!

Sustainability | Aug 31, 2018 2:50:00 PM

The global water industry is growing! Revenues for the global water market are expected to reach $ 695.9 billion in 2018. (Source: 2018 Global Outlook for the Water Industry)

Water is our most precious natural resource. It covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, however, less than 1% is available for human use, making it a finite resource and a valuable commodity. Access to clean water is a growing problem around the world. 

The water crisis has created a need for sustainable water management. Conservation and reuse programs are key components to water management programs. There is now a sense of urgency around water security, conservation, access, infrastructure and sustainability.  Activists, governments, non-profit organizations and corporations are all working to develop solutions to help the world’s water crisis.  Technologies are being developed and deployed that help reduce water consumption, improve clean water access, and improve the quality of water around the world.

A Meaningful Career

When searching for a career, many individuals are interested in finding an organization that allows them to contribute to their companies and communities in a meaningful way. The water industry provides a service that is vital to the world we live in, and allows its employees to strive to make that world a healthier, better place to live.

Water initiatives require employees with a variety of skill sets. Some of the skill sets and expertise required are specific to water while other skill sets are broader and are needed in many other industries as well. Engineers are needed to address new as well as existing deteriorating water infrastructure, including sewer systems and pipes for drinking water.  Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators are in demand to manage systems to treat wastewater. Tech companies are looking for people to bring new technologies to market. All organizations are looking for communicators to help develop proposals and reach their target audiences.

A career in the growing water industry presents an opportunity to earn money while protecting the environment and servicing their communities. The ability to provide clean, safe drinking water is a complex endeavor, and is getting more complex as time goes on.

Positions Available Around the Globe

Water is a global issue. There are positions are available around the world and often offer the opportunity to travel.

Looking for a job in Europe? Check out Water News Europe for the latest news and job postings.

For postings in Asia, Africa, and rest of world, check out Josh’s Water Jobs.

Water and Wastewater Jobs is a career center resource for water, wastewater, pure water, desalination, and potable water job industries.

WaterJobsNOW offers more j career resources in water, water treatment and environmental resources.

American Water Works Association is a U.S.-based career center for the water industry.

Water Conservation and Management

Industries such as textile manufacturing and commercial laundry are intrinsically water-intensive. By using water-efficient technology, like Hydrofinity’s sustainable laundry and fabric care solutions, these industries conserve our most precious natural resource.

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