Top London Laundry Win Large Contract (Thanks To New Hydrofinity Washer)

Business couldn’t be better at TDS Commercial, a London based laundry specialising in hotel linen, restaurant linen, bath linen, sportswear and workwear.

After having a Hydrofinity Washing Machine installed in March 2018, they’ve gone on to win a large contract and save over one million litres of water!

TDS Commercial’s Managing Director, Rona Tait explains;

“We've recently won a very large spa towel contract. The towels belong to the Spa and they come to us having been misused and not washed properly for many years and one of the reasons that we won it was because we were able to take them a sample wash back that showed that we got rid of residual oil that had been in the towels for a long time.” 

Hayley Blackwell, Operations Manager at TDS said,

“the Hydrofinity machine gives us excellent results and we can put laundry that we thought was otherwise for the rag pile back into use.”

Rona backs up this point by explaining why their clients are looking for a high-quality finish.

“We work on a dedicated stock system rather than a tunnel so we are able to offer a high quality finish to clients. We have a very varied client list from a racing team to top end spas and boutique hotels. Clients are looking for a better service rather than a lot of laundry in a short space of time.”

TDS_Logo_HR_350Another huge benefit the laundry has seen since this new machine was installed is the reduction of water (and therefore lower water bills). The Hydrofinity machine uses up to 80% less water than conventional machines and in just 6 months, TDS have saved over 1 million litres of water! This is enough water to last an adult in the UK 18 years! To add to their impressive savings, this equates to over £9k savings and 35,000kWh of electricity!

Hayley Blackwell, Operations Manager at TDS is loving the savings.

“I would recommend the Hydrofinity system to other laundries, it really has been a great investment for us. Just to get the results we are seeing, it’s definitely worth it.”

TDS saw the Hydrofinity machine in action at a trade show before committing to buy. They decided the low-water usage and high-quality results were the perfect fit for their business. Since having the machine installed, the team haven’t looked back.

“The introduction of the Hydrofinity machine into the business has been really smooth sailing, we had excellent training from the guys who came out and installed it the staff were all really excited to get started and the first time the XOrbs dropped in, well it was really quite special to be honest! The best thing about having Hydrofinity as a supplier is the communication that we get from them. If we’ve ever got an issue or we're not sure of something - we’re still in the early days of using the machine so we're still getting to grips with the everything - there's someone on email or phone or if there’s an engineer nearby they just pop in and give advice. It’s been really easy for us to get to grips with, the service has been excellent,” praised Hayley. 

Download the TDS Case Study, here

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