Our Top Water-Saving Customers

Sustainability, Customer Focus | May 1, 2019 12:39:00 PM

To celebrate Water Saving Week, we thought we’d congratulate three of our top water-saving customers who continue to reach momentous milestones. Since having their ultra-low water washing machines installed, they have saved nearly 25 Million US Gallons (or nearly 95 Million Litres) of water between them!

Our winners are:

onePro Cleaners in Mexico. Since having 4 washers installed in June 2017, they have saved 10 Million US Gallons of water

twoHyatt Reston in USA. Since having 3 washers installed in January 2015, they have saved 7 Million Gallons of water

threeHilton LA in USA. Since having 3 washers installed in October 2014, they have    saved 7 Million Gallons of water

Congratulations to you all!

What the Winners Have to Say

"Hydrofinity has not only helped us further our commitment to the environment but provides validation for our green initiatives,” said Kevin Kretsch, General Manager at Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia. “And the high level of cleaning performance enables us to improve our guests’ comfort with whiter, fresher linens and towels.” 

 “Hydrofinity’s eco-friendly laundry system provides us a way to do our part in water conservation, which is pivotal in California,” said Mark Davis, General Manager of the Hilton LA in Universal City. “With Hydrofinity we have been able to dramatically cut our water and energy consumption which has significantly reduced our operating costs.”  

Million Milestone Club

Million Milestones logo concept-01When our customers throughout the world reach a Million Milestones (gallons or litres of water saved), they are given an award and added to our prestigious list. Environmentally-conscious hotels and commercial laundries across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, France, Australia and United Arab Emirates have now reached the Million Milestones savings mark.

“We commend our customers’ environmental leadership and are proud that Hydrofinity’s low-water washing system is enabling them to save millions of gallons and litres of water,” said Mike Ferrand, Managing Director at Hydrofinity.  

The Hydrofinity Machine

The patented, award-winning system uses up to 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional systems while delivering superior cleaning performance.  The Hydrofinity laundry system replaces much of the water with XOrbs™, polymer spheres that gently massage textiles to provide superior cleaning results when compared to conventional washing methods. By combining the XOrbs with detergent, dirt from soiled items is attracted and absorbed by the XOrbs, producing better results. The reusable XOrbs have a lifespan of thousands of washes before being collected and recycled.

To learn more about how this unique machine can save millions of gallons or litres of water, click here.


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