What Are These XOrbs That Replace Water in Commercial Washing Machines ?!

You've probably heard us say thousands of times before that the Hydrofinity washing machine uses up to 80% less water than conventional designs but do you know how or why? 

Let's see exactly how our washing machine is a step towards a greener future.

How XOrbs WorkIn order to create a washing machine that would use less water and less energy while still providing a superior clean, we had to go beyond the traditional soap, water, and heat. We did this by introducing an entirely new element to the wash process.

This is where XOrbsTM - hard polymer spheres, approximately the size of a pea - come in. Thousands of these XOrbs are used in every wash cycle and with just a little bit of water, they move the laundry around while attracting and removing stains, dye, and dirt. Want to know more? Have a read of our How XOrbs Work infographic.

How Do XOrbs Work In The Hydrofinity Washing Machine?

Step One - Clothes Are Dampened

First, a small amount of water dampens the clothes and creates a humid environment. The humidity helps the XOrbs absorb stains more effectively. At this stage, a small amount of detergent is also added.

Step Two - XOrbs Are Released

A pump brings thousands of XOrbs into the washing machine drum. XOrbs are added
to the drum to provide mechanical action and the ability to attract and absorb stains.

Step Three - XOrbs Tumble Around The Drum

The XOrbs then tumble around the drum with the clothes or linens to agitate the dirt so it lifts from the fabric.

The lack of hard edges on the XOrbs and the powerful absorption properties means that the washing is gentle on even delicate fabrics.

The Xorbs trap not just dirt and stains, but also stray dye that may otherwise taint the colours of other clothes in the wash.

Step Four - XOrbs Are Removed

Once the wash has completed, the machine extracts the XOrbs through openings in the washing machine drum wall. The washing machine cleans the XOrbs so they can be reused hundreds of times before they reach the end of their life.


Here's a great video that shows how it all works.

Still have more questions? We should have these covered in our frequently asked questions. If not, drop us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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