World Water Day 2019: How We're Tackling the Water Crisis on a Global Scale

Sustainability | Mar 22, 2019 10:50:00 AM

UN World Water Day, held annually on 22nd March, brings global attention to the importance of water. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness of water related issues and the role we can play in addressing challenges. It’s the perfect time to reassess your water usage habits and make a few small (or big) changes.

Water-scarcity affects more than 40% of people worldwide. The number of people affected is set to increase as most of the expected global population growth will take place in regions already experiencing water stress. 

At Hydrofinity we are passionate about reducing water consumption and using water wisely. Our unique washing system uses up to 80% less water than a conventional machine and as little as 4 litres of water for every kilogram of laundry, other washing systems typically use 14 litres. Our customers and partners throughout the world have helped save 234 Million US Gallons / 887 Million Litres of water over the past 5 years, that's enough water for nearly 14 million showers or 150 million toilet flushes! Well done to all involved and we look forward to saving plenty more water over the coming years. 

Let’s take a look at some of the countries where Hydrofinity is reducing water consumption.

United States of America

USA flagHydrofinity has been selling machines in America since 2013. The large market and drought conditions in places such as California make technology like ours even more urgent. As the Hydrofinity machine significantly reduces water and therefore utility costs, cities prone to high water charges, including Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon are key markets. Read more...

United Arab Emirates

united-arab-emirates_flagIn 2017, the Hydrofinity system became available in the UAE. The demand in this region is extremely high due to the ever-increasing number of hotel rooms and the UAE being among the world’s 10 most arid states. Water shortages are now a ‘huge concern’, said the UAE Energy Minister in 2018. He stated that every member of society must play their part in reducing the amount of water they consume. Read our UAE case study for further information. 

South Africa

south-africa flagIn 2018 the Hydrofinity system launched in South Africa. Regional demand is extremely high due to the expanding tourism market and the extreme drought being experienced across much of the region. Whilst water across the whole of South Africa is scarce, major regions including the Western Cape and Natal are experiencing prolonged & potentially devastating droughts.

In 2018 “Day Zero” was a reality for Cape Town, and a 45% reduction in commercial water usage was mandated by the Level 6 Water Restrictions. A Hydrofinity system can be a highly effective tool to help meet these reduced water consumption targets.


turkey flagTurkey is the 10th most popular tourist destination in the world, attracting more than 38.6 million tourists in 2017. The Hydrofinity System became available in Turkey in 2018 due to its many hotels and semi-arid climate. Turkey has only one fifth of the water available per capita in water rich regions such as Western Europe Because water is a limited resource, the cost - especially in Istanbul - is expensive and increasing year-on-year. 


australia flagThe Hydrofinity system was launched in Australia in 2016. The Millennium Drought, which lasted for fourteen years starting in 1997, left cities including Melbourne with only approximately a year’s supply of water in its dams. The 2018/19 summer was also the hottest summer on record and the worst drought. Prompted by the epic drought, Australians have taken aggressive water conservation efforts and are on the leading edge of implementing advanced water reducing technologies. 

United Kingdom

united-kingdomLast but certainly not least is the UK, where it all started for Xeros Technology Group, Hydrofinity’s Parent Company. Although water shortages may not be as common here as other parts of the world, they are still a very real threat. Just earlier this week, the Environment Agency said the UK is not immune to water shortage and within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand.

We also have machines in other countries, including France, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico and have more exciting plans for 2019 and beyond…

Happy World Water Day!

If you’d like to contribute to these savings by the time the next World Water Day rolls around in 2020, or if you have any queries, please email us for further information. 

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