Connect Your Commercial Washing Machine to the Internet to Measure, Save & Profit

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Real-time insight into the performance of your laundry is the key to success. Do you know exactly how much water your washing machine uses? How can you control energy consumption? What is the Return on Investment of your equipment? How often do your machines run?

XConnectTM, our innovative, cloud-based laundry monitoring solution, answers your questions with the help of real-time information in well-arranged and easy-to-use dashboards.

Through our cloud portal, we can see what’s happening and identify potential machine issues before they occur. If a fault has already occurred, we can often login and fix it remotely, reducing downtime for you and your staff. Read on to find out how to get more visibility into your laundry...

As businesses aim to become more sustainable, they are tasked with managing consumption of natural resources such as water and energy. Laundry operations provide a significant opportunity for reducing consumption, and by connecting commercial laundry equipment to the Internet, you can quickly see the extent and costs of the utility's laundry operations consume.

Why Connect your Laundry Machines to the Internet? 

One of the first examples of the Internet of Things linking with laundry was in college dorms at MIT. Through a collaborative effort between students and the university, MIT’s Random Hall dormitory connected its laundry room so residents can check to see when washers and dryers were available. This type of smart monitoring is now available in many dorms and apartment buildings, where residents can get a text when their laundry is ready – avoiding those abandoned loads of laundry while others are waiting. 

But, what about the commercial side of laundry? And, what if the Internet could be harnessed to monitor systems and predict savings for more efficient use? Advances in technology enable smart metering devices to be used with laundry machines that will allow hotels to measure energy, water and detergent use and act on that information. Once in place, the IoT can be used in commercial laundry facilities to validate sustainability claims and increase the bottom line

See the true cost of your laundry operations

How the Internet of Things will be used in Commercial Laundry Operations

With the Internet of Things, laundries can now focus on their costs with a level of accuracy never seen before. 

Smart meter devices that connect to commercial laundry facilities monitor the amount of hot and cold water used, energy consumed, and chemicals used, and feed this data into the Internet. This allows laundries to get a clear understanding of real time operating costs in order to improve laundry efficiency. 

This all translates to savings. The monitoring systems are often used to justify purchasing more efficient laundry machines or can be shared with local utility companies to qualify for energy-saving rebates. 

How the XConnect Portal can benefit customers

XConnect_ST_TMAll Hydrofinity washing machines come with XConnect, an innovative, cloud-based laundry monitoring solution that provides real-time results on any device.

  • Accurately monitors equipment usage, showing water & electricity consumption
  • Graphically displays accurate money savings
  • Eliminates paper trails
  • Reduces labour costs and downtime by tracking ongoing operations
  • Helps identify potential issues before they occur
  • Fewer engineer visits

Learn how the Internet of Things helped Hilton LA/Universal City Hotel save on laundry operational costs.

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