Challenging traditional ideas of laundry.

In order to create a washing machine that would use less water and less energy while still providing a superior clean, we had to forget everything we thought we knew about laundry. We had to go beyond the traditional soap, water, and heat to introduce an entirely new element to the wash process.

water 80 percent

Limit water
use for our
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energy 50 percent

Reduce energy
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Introducing the revolutionary XOrb™ technology.

XOrb technology changed everything. When put into the wash, XOrbs absorb stains and provide a gentle mechanical wash action, reducing the need for large volumes of water and extreme temperatures. By replacing most of the water in the wash cycle with XOrbs, we're able to limit water use for our customers by up to 80 percent, and reduce energy use by up to 50 percent.

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How do Hydrofinity machines work?

When a wash cycle starts, XOrbs are added from inside the machine's storage area to mix with the fabrics and a small amount of water. The water itself is sprayed in, rather than poured, to improve efficiency – imagine the difference in water usage between a bath and a short shower. The XOrbs gently massage the garments, loosening dirt and stains. XOrbs then expand slightly, creating microscopic cavities that absorb and trap stains, carrying them away from your fabrics in a small amount of cold water.

When the wash cycle is completed, XOrbs automatically return to a holding area inside the machine and are ready to be used again for the next wash. XOrbs are used for up to a thousand washes and are then collected by our technicians to be recycled and exchanged for new ones.

How do I know how much I've saved on utility bills?

Track your utility usage and estimated savings via XConnect, our exclusive cloud-based IoT laundry management solution, on any web-enabled device. You can also monitor machine activity and status at any time, helping you avoid costly downtime and delays.


Be part of the revolution

It's time to change the way you think about laundry. Deliver better results and improve your customers' experiences without using wasteful amounts of water and excessive temperatures. A more sustainable and efficient laundry solution is here.

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