Sustainable Technology for Consumers and Industry

To achieve a more sustainable future we must address the environmental impact of garment manufacturing and laundry. Water saving and filtration technologies that reduce consumption and the amount of pollutants entering our water systems are among the innovations Xeros brings to the world. Our technologies deliver a unique combination of unbeatable sustainability outcomes, improved performance and reduced costs.


Increased Performance, Drastically Reduced Water Usage

XOrbs are high-performance spherical polymers that significantly increase the efficiency and sustainability of textile manufacturing and laundry processes

UpTo 70%
Less Water & Effluence
UpTo 50%
Less Energy
UpTo 50%
Less Chemicals

XOrbs and XDrum (collectively known as XTendTM) deliver unrivalled savings on water, energy and chemistry.

In domestic and commercial washing machines, XOrbs gently, yet powerfully removes dirt, stains and impurities more effectively than conventional methods. This dramatically reduces water and energy consumption leaving garments visibly cleaner, brighter, softer and longer lasting.

In apparel manufacturing XOrbs greatly reduce water consumption, improve dye penetration and fixation.

Industries: Domestic Laundry, Commercial Laundry including Specialist Cleaning, and Apparel Manufacturing
XOrbs removing dirt, stains and stray dyes
XOrbs removing dirt, stains and stray dyes, whilst extending garment life
coloured XOrb-like spheres


Increasing Water Efficiency and Sustainability

XDrum replaces a traditional rotating drum to automate the use and in-machine storage of XOrbs, allowing them to be used again and again. Together, XDrum and XOrbs are known as XTendTM.

Up To 50%
less water, energy and chemicals

XDrum is a low-cost, scalable design equally at home in domestic washing machines and industrial equipment

XDrum gives manufacturers the power to embed the sustainable benefits of XOrbs into machines of any size. In laundry applications, XDrum also dramatically improves performance and extends garment life.

Industries: Domestic Laundry, Commercial Laundry including Specialist Cleaning, and Apparel Manufacturing


Reducing microfibre emissions from laundry cycles

Washing clothes releases microfibres into the environment. These fibres, which include microplastics, are a major issue having been found in our food chain and drinking water.

UpTo 700k
microplastic fibres are released with effluent from each load of domestic laundry
MoreThan 90%
of microplastic fibres removed from effluent

Independent, peer-reviewed analysis confirms XFiltra is the most effective device for preventing microfibre emissions from laundry cycles, removing almost 80% of all microfibres. Our own testing shows this includes more than 90% of microplastic fibres, from synthetic clothes.

Designed to easily integrate into any washing machine, XFiltra offers manufacturers a commercially attractive, low-cost solution.

Uniquely, XFiltra offers a simple user experience for consumers, being no more difficult to use than emptying a tumble dryer filter.

Industries: Domestic Laundry, Commercial Laundry including Specialist Cleaning, and Apparel Manufacturing

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