Technology Licensing Makes Sustainable Commercial Laundry Accessible for All

Jamie Harrison, Licensing Director for Commercial Products, tells us how Xeros is making sustainable commercial laundry possible:

Low-water, high efficiency washing machines have been changing the landscape of the commercial laundry world for the last 5 years.

Increasing awareness of scarce, finite resources like water and a desire to reduce our collective impact on the environment has driven a move towards more efficient equipment.

Xeros-enabled washing machines featuring cutting-edge XOrbTM and XDrumTM technology are currently hard at work in commercial laundries, dry cleaners and hotels around the world - including leading chains such as Marriott, Hilton and IHG.

Many of these establishments are so impressed by the results and savings delivered by this sustainable solution that they quickly come back for more. One innovative cleaning service, Georges SAS, in France has 11!

Last year – 24th June 2019 to be exact - these washing machines collectively reached an amazing milestone, having helped Xeros-enabled equipment users save 1 billion litres of water!

New Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Partner Licensing Model Launched to Meet Demand

We’ve proven that our technologies save water, energy and chemistry whilst providing a superior wash quality. But we don’t want to make washing machines – manufacturers do that brilliantly and in huge volumes already!

So, we have set up an OEM Partner Licensing Model.

This means that, for the first time, manufacturers can easily integrate Xeros technology into their washing machines - allowing them to be more sustainable whilst providing an even better wash performance.

Partnering with manufacturers around the world brings sustainable laundry to a wider audience in a shorter timeframe, and it means that laundry operators can continue to invest in the recognised machinery brand names with which they have built lasting, trusted relationships.

At Xeros, we believe eco-friendly washing machines should be easily accessible for all.

The Technology of Choice for World-Leading OEMs


A number of manufacturers across the globe have already signed licencing agreements to incorporate our unique water-saving XOrb and XDrum technologies.

The biggest commercial washing machine manufacturers in both India and China have signed up, allowing their machines to use up to 60% less water and up to 50% less energy than conventional washing machines.

IFB Industries in India

In March 2020, IFB Industries Ltd launched their innovative, Xeros-enabled commercial laundry machines at the AAHAR - International Food & Hospitality Fair 2020 in Delhi.
India is facing a major water crisis. Estimates suggest that 40% of the population will have no access to drinking water by 2030.

The IFB team are taking the reality of this crisis seriously, and we are proud to be supporting them with the integration of our highly effective water-saving technology.

IFB Launch

Image: The first machine manufactured by our partner IFB Industries Ltd with Xeros and IFB team members

Read more about our partnership with IFB Industries Ltd.

Sea-Lion in China

Sea-Lion officially launched their commercial washing machines featuring XOrb and XDrum technology at Texcare Asia 2019 - the main event in Asia for the laundry, dry cleaning and textile services industry.

Sea-Lion is a market leading manufacturer of commercial washing machines and laundry equipment in the Chinese market. We are honoured to have worked closely with them since 2013 as the exclusive manufacturer of Xeros’ commercial washing machines in China.

SeaLionTexcare 2019 feature image

Image: A Xeros-enabled washing machine manufactured by Sea-Lion at TexCare Asia 2019. 

Read more about our partnership with Sea-Lion.

Benefits for becoming an OEM Partner

Differentiate yourself from the competition

By simply fitting our XDrum technology into your own machines, your customers could use up to 60% less water - which also means less energy and chemicals are used.

Embrace change and upgrade to the latest technology to stand out from competitors.

Minimise the upfront cost of design

Developed by industry-leading scientists and engineers, our technologies have been proven in many countries around the globe over the past 10 years. Our experience and industry knowledge makes the process of design and integration seamless.

The whole process is supported by our experienced team making it quick and easy to adopt our innovative solutions.

Demonstrate an increasing commitment to sustainability

We’re focussed on commercialising our technologies with manufacturers who share our dedication to protecting our planet’s precious natural resources.

We’ve already proven our technology reduces risk for prospective partners and allows them to clearly demonstrate their sustainability credentials to potential customers who increasingly care about their own environmental footprint.

How to become an OEM Partner

Partnering with Xeros is a simple process.

If you're interested in finding out more about becoming a partner for either commercial laundry or garment manufacturing, please email me or use our contact form and we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps.

(If you're interested in partnering with Xeros for any other application, including domestic laundry and microplastic filtration, please use our contact form)

Jamie Harrison,
Licensing Director, Commercial Products