Domestic XFiltra™ Trials To Begin

Xeros has signed agreements paving the way for microfibre filtration in household washing machines.

The Company has signed agreements with two domestic washing machine manufacturers to test and trial XFiltra for the consumer market.

It’s also signed an agreement with the German component manufacturer Hanning to test and market XFiltra with manufacturers of domestic washing machines.

These follow an agreement with the commercial laundry giant Girbau to launch a new range of microfibre filtration products, incorporating XFiltra technology, for the commercial laundry market.

HotelSlaviero-RioJaneiro_CC_1900wMicrofibres, which are tiny fragments of the fibres used to make clothes and textiles, are a major source of pollution in the environment.

They are shed from clothes when we wear and wash them. It’s estimated that 280,000 tonnes of microfibres end up in rivers and oceans every year and, in the UK alone, more than 9 trillion microfibres are released from domestic washing machines into wastewater every week.

Where synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester are used, microfibres are a form of microplastic. These fibres are often used in casual clothing and are a staple of the sports and outdoor fashion industry.


The agreements will see Xeros working directly with multiple washing machine manufacturers to incorporate and test XFiltra in their domestic machines.

One is a major brand in the household appliance market, which is headquartered in Asia. It will conduct extensive testing of XFiltra ahead of field trials.

Another is a smaller European-based manufacturer which will incorporate XFiltra in their household washing machines ahead of consumer-facing trials.

In addition, Xeros will be working with the German component manufacturer Hanning to develop, test and market XFiltra with a number of other manufacturers. Hanning is a leading supplier of component parts to domestic washing machine manufacturers and an expert in pump technologies.

Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros commented:

Washing machine manufacturers are increasingly putting sustainability and protecting the environment at the heart of their products.

This includes preventing microfibre pollution, which is generated by washing clothes.


We’re delighted to be partnering directly with multiple washing machine brands and a world renowned component supplier to the industry, all of whom share our concern for the environment, our passion for helping consumers to ‘wear better™’ and reducing the impact of microfibre pollution on the planet.


Politicians are putting pressure on the industry to incorporate microfibre filtration in household washing machines by the middle of the decade. Working with our new partners we are paving the way for that to become reality.