New Xeros-enabled Washing Machines Excel At Removing Stubborn Stains

The first IFB washing machines incorporating Xeros technology are performing well at a North Yorkshire Laundry

A new, eco-friendly laundry is the first in the world to have three IFB commercial washing machines featuring XTendTM  technology installed.

Pressed Laundry, located in a beautiful market town in England, service holiday lets, bed and breakfasts, country inns and pubs and other businesses in the Yorkshire Dales. As well as using eco-friendly laundry equipment, they deliver and collect linen and garments using electric vans. 

Ralph Wellock, Owner of Pressed Laundry which opened in early 2021, chose machines featuring Xeros technology over the competition as he'd heard of the great environmental benefits

We are continuing to find ways to be energy efficient and eco-friendly as a company so finding washing machines that would dramatically reduce our water, energy and detergent consumption was vital.

As well as meeting the company's green credentials, high standards of cleaning and hygiene were high on Ralph's washing machine wish list.

We want to be the best laundry in the North of England and Xeros will help us to achieve this. I am impressed with the wash quality, the machines tackle the toughest stains and pamper the linens so they will last for years to come.


I'm confident that these washing machines will help me deliver a better service to our customers.

After being blown away by superior cleaning performance and operational savings these ultra-low water washing machines offer, Pressed Laundry decided to install three. The machines, each with a capacity of 38kg (84lb), are mostly used to wash towels, bedding, table cloths and napkins.

Earlier this year, one of Pressed Laundry's customers had a tough red wine stain on some white table cloths for the team to remove. Ralph explained:

A customer had a red wine disaster over the weekend but thanks to our Xeros-enabled washing machine, we managed to get the stain out with ease and have the linen looking as good as new.

No soaking or bleaching was needed, in just one wash cycle the stubborn red wine stains had been completely removed. 

Blood image before after

Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Commercial Products at Xeros Technology Group commented:

We are thrilled that the first Xeros-enabled IFB washing machines are in a laundry that is as passionate about reducing the environmental demands of washing garments and fabrics as we are.

We look forward to Pressed Laundry saving water, energy and money on utility bills whilst making linens and fabrics last longer and look better.


3 machines

The findings from Pressed Laundry back up claims by the BTRA report earlier this year that Xeros-enabled washing machines produce better results and offer significant environmental benefits.

The tests by BTRA show that washing machines equipped with Xeros technologies: 

  • wash better: producing whiter whites and removing stains like blood, oils and makeup, 
  • reduce both physical and chemical damage caused to fabrics during washing, resulting in less shrinkage and stronger textiles, 
  • use less water, energy and detergent saving money and reducing harmful emissionsIn testingthe Xeros-enabled machine used:
    • 41% less water
    • 36% less power
    • 21% less detergent 

IFB washing machines featuring Xeros technologies are available in several capacities and are ideal for dry cleaners, hotels, and spas and commercial laundries. Utilising award-winning patented polymer cleaning technology these washing machines reduce water consumption by up to 80%, and reduce energy and detergent usage by up to 50%, all while delivering a superior clean that is gentler on fabrics.

Although this is the first install in the UK, there are many more lined up across the world over the coming months, we'll keep you posted!