Mark Nichols: Supporting Sustainable Development

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals lie at the heart of everything we do. This is why.

Over the course of recent history, the lives of billions of people have become immeasurably better.

The living standards that many of us enjoy today are those our grandparents could only dream of.

But in raising these standards we have put unsustainable pressure on our natural and human resources.

Many of us now understand that we urgently need to find solutions to reduce this pressure so that everyone, both now and in the future, can live sustainably in a fair, safe and healthy world.


Together, we must be unrelenting in our efforts to halt and reverse climate change, to stabilise erratic weather patterns and return the temperature of our planet to what it needs to be.


We need to use less water and stop polluting it so there is enough to go round an increasing global population.

We need Earth Overshoot Day, the point each year when we exceed the sustainable use of Earth’s resources, to happen later and later every year.

Achieving these things will be a giant step towards mending the damage that has, to a large degree, been unwittingly created.


The impact of behaving unsustainably is felt most often by people in the poorest parts of the world, where those already without increasingly have less.

People living in countries growing cotton used to clothe the world are badly affected by persistent water shortages which are made worse by climate change.

Many people do not realise that the clothes we wear have significant impacts on those who make them and our global environment.


Our fashion purchases support a trillion-dollar industry but one which is the second largest consumer of water on the plant and one of its largest polluters.

Thankfully, both individually and collectively, we can work to protect and nurture natural and human resources and create a better world.

To some degree this can be achieved through the choices we make as individuals. But success, at scale, will mean making positive choices through system change. System change achieved by the adoption and achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

17 Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the roadmap towards a better, fairer future for everyone. They are a guide for governments, enterprises and all of us to live sustainably in the world we share.

At Xeros, we believe that each and every one of the SDGs is unquestionable and have decided that the development goals should guide what we do and how we act.

The technologies we and others develop directly benefit the achievement of a number of the goals, such as protecting life under water (Goal 14) and the provision of clean, safe water (Goal 6).

If you would like to find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals and how we are working to support them click here.

Mark Nichols,
CEO, Xeros Technology Group