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The first IFB washing machines incorporating Xeros technology are performing well at a North Yorkshire Laundry A new, eco-friendly laundry is the first in the world to have three IFB commercial washing machines featuring XTendTM  technology installed. Pressed Laundry, located in a beautiful market town in England, service holiday lets, bed and breakfasts, country inns and pubs and other businesses in the Yorkshire Dales. As well as using eco-friendly laundry equipment, they deliver and collect linen and garments using electric vans.  Ralph Wellock, Owner of Pressed Laundry which opened in early 2021, chose machines featuring Xeros technology over the competition as he'd heard of the great environmental benefits.  We are continuing to find ways to be energy efficient and eco-friendly as a company so finding washing machines that would dramatically reduce our water, energy and detergent consumption was vital. As well as meeting the company's green credentials, high standards of cleaning and hygiene were high on Ralph's washing machine wish list. We want to be the best laundry in the North of England and Xeros will help us to achieve this. I am impressed with the wash quality, the machines tackle the toughest stains and pamper the linens so they will last for years to come.   I'm confident that these washing machines will help me deliver a better service to our customers. After being blown away by superior cleaning performance and operational savings these ultra-low water washing machines offer, Pressed Laundry decided to install three. The machines, each with a capacity of 38kg (84lb), are mostly used to wash towels, bedding, table cloths and napkins. Earlier this year, one of Pressed Laundry's customers had a tough red wine stain on some white table cloths for the team to remove. Ralph explained: A customer had a red wine disaster over the weekend but thanks to our Xeros-enabled washing machine, we managed to get the stain out with ease and have the linen looking as good as new. No soaking or bleaching was needed, in just one wash cycle the stubborn red wine stains had been completely removed.  Mike Ferrand, Managing Director of Commercial Products at Xeros Technology Group commented: We are thrilled that the first Xeros-enabled IFB washing machines are in a laundry that is as passionate about reducing the environmental demands of washing garments and fabrics as we are. We look forward to Pressed Laundry saving water, energy and money on utility bills whilst making linens and fabrics last longer and look better.   The findings from Pressed Laundry back up claims by the BTRA report earlier this year that Xeros-enabled washing machines produce better results and offer significant environmental benefits. The tests by BTRA show that washing machines equipped with Xeros technologies:  wash better: producing whiter whites and removing stains like blood, oils and makeup,  reduce both physical and chemical damage caused to fabrics during washing, resulting in less shrinkage and stronger textiles,  use less water, energy and detergent saving money and reducing harmful emissions. In testing, the Xeros-enabled machine used: 41% less water 36% less power 21% less detergent  IFB washing machines featuring Xeros technologies are available in several capacities and are ideal for dry cleaners, hotels, and spas and commercial laundries. Utilising award-winning patented polymer cleaning technology these washing machines reduce water consumption by up to 80%, and reduce energy and detergent usage by up to 50%, all while delivering a superior clean that is gentler on fabrics. Although this is the first install in the UK, there are many more lined up across the world over the coming months, we'll keep you posted! [Sustainability, Cleaning, Xeros Technologies]

New Xeros-enabled Washing Machines Excel At Removing Stubborn Stains

The first IFB washing machines incorporating Xeros technology are performing well at a North...
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Independent tests show Xeros outperforms conventional laundry technologies and extends garment life Xeros-enabled washing machines produce better results and offer significant environmental benefits according to new independent analysis.  Tests, which were conducted in India by The Bombay Textile Research Association (‘BTRA’) show that Xeros-enabled machines deliver a significantly better wash performance than conventional washing machines.  They also reveal that Xeros technologies reduce water, energy and detergent use during wash cycles and, crucially, lessen the damage caused to fabrics during washing, extending the life of textiles and garments. Damage caused by washing can lead to garments and textiles being discarded early, which poses a huge environmental challenge.  Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros commented: All of us want our clothes to be clean and look as good as possible. But few of us really think about how much of the the world's natural resources they consume. The truth is, our clothes put an immense stress on the environment and, unless we do something to change that, the stress will become unbearable. As the population increases and people buy and dispose of more and more clothes, that breaking point is being reached in many parts of the world. It is imperative that we make our clothes using fewer resources, that we buy less and make those we have last longer. Working with our license partners we are making this imperative a reality, reducing the environmental demands of washing garments and fabrics, making them last longer and look better. Together, we are helping the world wear better. The tests by BTRA, which were conducted using two commercial size, 600 litre washing machines: one of which was fitted with Xeros technologies, were commissioned by IFB Ltd, the commercial partner of Xeros in India.  IFB has exclusive rights to licence XOrb™ and XDrum™ technologies in India for both commercial and domestic washing machines.  The tests by BTRA show that washing machines equipped with XOrb and XDrum:  wash better: producing whiter whites and removing stains like blood, oils and makeup,  reduce both physical and chemical damage caused to fabrics during washing, resulting in less shrinkage and stronger textiles,  use less water, energy and detergent saving money and reducing harmful emissions. In testing, the Xeros-enabled machine used: 41% less water 36% less power 21% less detergent  IFB has always been at the forefront of innovation helping our customers live more sustainably with exceptional products. The IFB and Xeros partnership takes that a step further with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies – driving innovation in laundry in a way that reduces the impact on the environment. For customers, it will lead to new benchmarks in extending the life of clothes and fabrics; helping them save energy and water and, most importantly, deliver an outstanding wash performance. By MD & CEO, IFB Industries Limited Full details of the BTRA testing and a full copy of their report can be found by clicking below. [Cleaning, Blog]

Xeros Washes Better

Independent tests show Xeros outperforms conventional laundry technologies and extends garment life...
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How we are working to help the world wear better and to protect precious water resources  On Monday 22nd March, we celebrate World Water Day - a global movement that raises awareness of the universal water crisis. This year, World Water Day is highlighting what water means to people, how we value it, and how we can protect this essential life resource. We all have a water footprint; we all use large amounts every day. Many of us try to reduce our water use by having shorter showers or turning the tap off when brushing our teeth. But, many people don't realise that the majority of our water footprint doesn’t come from our taps - it comes from the things we buy and use every day. Books, furniture, cars, electronics all use huge amounts of water during their production. You may not know this but our clothes are one of the largest consumers of water on the planet. For years, what we wear has been using more than its fair share of water. A typical pair of jeans takes 7,500 litres of water to produce, equal to what a person drinks in 10 years. THE AMOUNT OF WATER CONSUMED BY OUR CLOTHES IS JUST STAGGERING  Textiles production (including cotton farming) uses around 93 billion cubic metres of water annually. This is enough water to keep the combined populations of India and China hydrated for nearly 42 years1. These are countries that produce much of the worlds cotton and today, have significant water stress in many areas. Beyond fibre production, the use of washing machines in apparel manufacturing is estimated to require an additional 20 billion cubic meters of water per year globally. Unless we find more ways to reduce our consumption, individually and collectively, the increasing pressure that we are putting on finite water resources will become unbearable. In many parts of the world, it already is.  Put simply, we have to use less water and stop polluting it. Keeping our clothes longer and buying less of them will help greatly. Putting water consumption information on garment price tags would really help consumers make good decisions.  MARK NICHOLS, CEO, XEROS TECHNOLOGY GROUP Encouragingly sustainability is an increasingly used mantra across almost all sectors, especially fashion. Understanding these impacts, many consumers are moving away from “fast fashion” - the mass-production of cheap clothing which is worn very few times and then thrown away. A recent article in CNN titled “The world is paying a high price for cheap clothes,” highlights how fast fashion is harming our planet. Shoppers are starting to embrace the growing movement of “slow fashion”, which focuses on sustainable materials and transparent, ethical labour and manufacturing. As consumers and industry look to reduce these impacts, they are seeking innovative solutions that protect the environment. Integrating Xeros' technologies in apparel production equipment means the environmental impact of the clothes produced is dramatically improved. Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments PVT Ltd, the commercial partner of Xeros for garment finishing equipment in South Asia, explain why embedding these innovative technologies into their machines will have a significant impact on the fashion world. Across India and South Asia, garment manufacturers are actively looking for new and innovative technologies to help us protect our environment, which is under extreme pressure from the effects of a changing climate. By embedding Xeros technologies in our equipment our clients will save water, energy and reduce harmful emissions. It represents the best option for sustainability. SUNDER BELANI, MANAGING DIRECTOR RAMSONS Ramsons have installed Xeros-enabled machines into ABA Group's operations in Bangladesh. ABA are a supplier of clothing to international brands including American Eagle, H&M and Zara.  Water consumption in the Laundry World Laundry, an everyday chore, has a huge impact on the environment. Doing just 5 loads of washing per week in a modern domestic washing machine uses 13,000 litres of water2 in one year. This amount amplifies when you start thinking about laundry on a commercial scale. Water intensive sectors - hotels, commercial laundries, caterers - have been keen to cut their consumption for many years. Xeros have a water-friendly solution, which can reduce water use by up to 80 per cent. At the heart of these machines is XOrbTM Technology. Reusable, recyclable, and safe, XOrbs gently clean and protect clothes using less water and chemicals. They mix into the XDrumTM at the start of the wash and gently remove dirt and stains like tiny little hands. XOrbs also dramatically increase the life of garments and fabrics making them look much better for longer. When the wash cycle is completed, the XOrbs automatically go back inside the XDrum and are ready to be used again for your next wash. Georges, the commercial laundry partner of Xeros in France, specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of workwear. They have plenty of high-profile customers including SNCF, Renault Design and Air France and process the outfits of 25,000 employees using eleven Xeros-powered commercial washing machines. Karine Da Silva, Chairwoman of Georges, describes what water means to her. Almost a quarter of humanity lives in countries with physical water scarcity. And by 2030, that number could double. The world could face a lack of available water of about 2.700 billion cubic meters by 2030 with demand 40% higher than available. Our industrial laundry activity uses water as its primary resource. As we created Georges, it was essential to design a system that would allow us to save this natural and precious resource as much as we could. We chose Xeros-enabled washing machines to save up to 80% water for each cleaning cycle . By making this choice, we allow our customers to join Georges in the fight for water conservation and more generally in a CSR approach. Pollution from our Washing Machines As well as using less water, World Water Day is also an opportunity to acknowledge that washing machines contribute to polluting our rivers and oceans. Every time we wash our clothes, they shed hundreds of thousands of tiny fibres known as microfibres. Washing machines currently don't have filters to catch them, so they end up in wastewater. Globally, an estimated 500,000 tonnes of microfibres enter wastewater systems every year and around 280,000 tonnes escape to the marine environment. You can read more about microplastics and how to stop your clothes polluting the ocean here. Again, Xeros has a practical solution to stop nearly all microfibres from getting into our seas. XFiltraTM, an innovative washing machine filtration technology, can now be easily integrated by all washing machine manufacturers. This filter is available for both domestic and commercial washing machines and is designed to be simple and easy-to-use. XFiltra has been identified as the most effective device at preventing microfibre release from washing machines Research conducted by the University of Plymouth tested six devices designed to capture microfibres: three washing machine filters plus laundry bags and balls, on mixed wash loads of synthetic and synthetic/cotton blend garments. The Xeros filter, which is designed to be installed in washing machines by manufacturers, performed best. The prototype XFiltra used in the study caught 78% of all microfibres but the latest generation XFiltra designs capture more than 90% of all microfibres. Read more about how Xeros captures more microfibres than any other device. What next? World Water Day is the perfect opportunity to consider where all the world’s water is going and where it should be going. It’s a moment to realise that safe drinking water belongs to thirsty people instead of the new garment that we may not need. It’s a moment to realise that doing laundry is contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans. Solving the water crisis is daunting and often the statistics are frightening. But the solution truly starts with us as individuals, and we can all play a part by simply buying fewer clothes and making the ones that we have last longer. Xeros and our partners are working together to help the world wear better.  Here’s what water means to more of our partners Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Co., Ltd is a market-leading manufacturer of commercial washing machines and laundry equipment in the Chinese market, and a commercial partner of Xeros. Aaron Zhang, Deputy General Manager, at Sea-Lion describes what water means to him.  We need water to live. Water is one of our basic living needs. Besides that, we need water almost in every aspect of daily life, like working, transportation and entertainment. As leaders in the laundry business, we advocate that customers and partners choose water-saving technologies. Our company develops products with energy-saving features. We work with our customers to meet their needs and those of our planet. Agemon Hightech Ecology is a licenced distributor of Xeros Technologies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Manager, Tomáš Rolínek, explains what he does to conserve water, one of the rarest substances on Earth. Water is the basic essence of life. Without water, we would not be able to survive for more than 7 days. Water is simply a miracle.   Our company PROZAC stavebni is very close to modern technologies. Therefore, we decided to create its own division of water and energy-saving high-tech technologies - Agemon High Tech Ecology, which focusses on technologies that significantly save water and energy.   We are extremely proud that we have managed to establish cooperation with Xeros, which produces highly efficient industrial and at the same time ecological washing machines, which can save up to 80% water, 50% energy and 50% washing detergents.   In this case, it is 100% true that ecological high-tech technologies can also be highly beneficial and economical for individual companies. References: 1. An average person in India drinks 2.17 litres. The combined population of India and China is 2.81 billion. 2. A modern washing machine uses 50 litres of water per cycle [Sustainability, Cleaning, Apparel, Xeros Technologies, Filtration]

World Water Day 2021: The Water Footprint of Your Clothes

How we are working to help the world wear better and to protect precious water resources  On Monday...
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Jamie Harrison, Licensing Director for Commercial Products, tells us how Xeros is making sustainable commercial laundry possible: Low-water, high efficiency washing machines have been changing the landscape of the commercial laundry world for the last 5 years. Increasing awareness of scarce, finite resources like water and a desire to reduce our collective impact on the environment has driven a move towards more efficient equipment. Xeros-enabled washing machines featuring cutting-edge XOrbTM and XDrumTM technology are currently hard at work in commercial laundries, dry cleaners and hotels around the world - including leading chains such as Marriott, Hilton and IHG. Many of these establishments are so impressed by the results and savings delivered by this sustainable solution that they quickly come back for more. One innovative cleaning service, Georges SAS, in France has 11! Last year – 24th June 2019 to be exact - these washing machines collectively reached an amazing milestone, having helped Xeros-enabled equipment users save 1 billion litres of water! New Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Partner Licensing Model Launched to Meet Demand We’ve proven that our technologies save water, energy and chemistry whilst providing a superior wash quality. But we don’t want to make washing machines – manufacturers do that brilliantly and in huge volumes already! So, we have set up an OEM Partner Licensing Model. This means that, for the first time, manufacturers can easily integrate Xeros technology into their washing machines - allowing them to be more sustainable whilst providing an even better wash performance. Partnering with manufacturers around the world brings sustainable laundry to a wider audience in a shorter timeframe, and it means that laundry operators can continue to invest in the recognised machinery brand names with which they have built lasting, trusted relationships. At Xeros, we believe eco-friendly washing machines should be easily accessible for all. The Technology of Choice for World-Leading OEMs   A number of manufacturers across the globe have already signed licencing agreements to incorporate our unique water-saving XOrb and XDrum technologies. The biggest commercial washing machine manufacturers in both India and China have signed up, allowing their machines to use up to 60% less water and up to 50% less energy than conventional washing machines. IFB Industries in India In March 2020, IFB Industries Ltd launched their innovative, Xeros-enabled commercial laundry machines at the AAHAR - International Food & Hospitality Fair 2020 in Delhi. India is facing a major water crisis. Estimates suggest that 40% of the population will have no access to drinking water by 2030. The IFB team are taking the reality of this crisis seriously, and we are proud to be supporting them with the integration of our highly effective water-saving technology. Image: The first machine manufactured by our partner IFB Industries Ltd with Xeros and IFB team members Read more about our partnership with IFB Industries Ltd. Sea-Lion in China Sea-Lion officially launched their commercial washing machines featuring XOrb and XDrum technology at Texcare Asia 2019 - the main event in Asia for the laundry, dry cleaning and textile services industry. Sea-Lion is a market leading manufacturer of commercial washing machines and laundry equipment in the Chinese market. We are honoured to have worked closely with them since 2013 as the exclusive manufacturer of Xeros’ commercial washing machines in China. Image: A Xeros-enabled washing machine manufactured by Sea-Lion at TexCare Asia 2019.  Read more about our partnership with Sea-Lion. Benefits for becoming an OEM Partner Differentiate yourself from the competition By simply fitting our XDrum technology into your own machines, your customers could use up to 60% less water - which also means less energy and chemicals are used. Embrace change and upgrade to the latest technology to stand out from competitors. Minimise the upfront cost of design Developed by industry-leading scientists and engineers, our technologies have been proven in many countries around the globe over the past 10 years. Our experience and industry knowledge makes the process of design and integration seamless. The whole process is supported by our experienced team making it quick and easy to adopt our innovative solutions. Demonstrate an increasing commitment to sustainability We’re focussed on commercialising our technologies with manufacturers who share our dedication to protecting our planet’s precious natural resources. We’ve already proven our technology reduces risk for prospective partners and allows them to clearly demonstrate their sustainability credentials to potential customers who increasingly care about their own environmental footprint. How to become an OEM Partner Partnering with Xeros is a simple process. If you're interested in finding out more about becoming a partner for either commercial laundry or garment manufacturing, please email me or use our contact form and we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps. (If you're interested in partnering with Xeros for any other application, including domestic laundry and microplastic filtration, please use our contact form) Jamie Harrison, Licensing Director, Commercial Products [Sustainability, Cleaning, Xeros Technologies]

Technology Licensing Makes Sustainable Commercial Laundry Accessible for All

Jamie Harrison, Licensing Director for Commercial Products, tells us how Xeros is making...
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10-year development and licencing agreement with IFB Industries for domestic and commercial washing machines Xeros Technology Group has signed a major development and licencing agreement with the Indian company IFB Industries to incorporate Xeros’ unique water-saving XOrb™ and XDrum™ technologies into a range of IFB’s domestic and commercial washing machines. IFB is the leading Indian company in the supply of both domestic appliances and commercial washing machines. The agreement is a major step for Xeros in commercialising its technologies and an exciting opportunity bringing Xeros technology to the domestic washing machine market. Full details of the announcement can be found here India is facing extreme water stress. A recent report suggested more than 600 million Indians face acute water shortages and 40% of the population will have “no access to drinking water” by 2030. This agreement with IFB is another major milestone in the commercialisation of our cleaning technologies.   IFB ’s capabilities and market reach make them a very strong commercialisation partner in a country where water demand is expected to increase by more than 60% over the next 30 years with some 80% of the current population already impacted by water scarcity.   With this agreement, IFB’s customers will be able to reduce water, detergent and energy consumption whilst simultaneously benefitting from improved cleaning performance and garment life extension. Mark Nichols, Chief Executive of Xeros   [Sustainability, Cleaning, News, Xeros Technologies]

Domestic and Commercial Laundry Deal Secured in India

10-year development and licencing agreement with IFB Industries for domestic and commercial washing...
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Over 5 years Xeros has saved 887,275,729 litres of water To mark World Water Day 2019, we have calculated how much water our XOrb™ technology has saved our commercial laundry customers. During the last five years, our near-waterless washing machines, which reduce water use by up to 80 per cent and are certified an Environmentally Preferable Product, have saved just over 887.2 MILLION litres of water – enough to keep the taps running for a year in 5,377 UK households or to power 148 million toilet flushes. A rapidly growing, increasingly urbanised population is causing extreme water-stress in many parts of the world. Globally, more than 844 million people do not have access to clean water and by 2050 one in four people will be affected by recurring water shortages. Even the UK could face water shortages within 25 years. So, it is more important than ever that we work to divert water away from industry and processes to where it is needed most, people. We are committed to creating a more sustainable planet and to protect and conserve one of our most precious resources – water. Read more about our core purpose and how we’re helping our commercial laundry customers save water.   [Sustainability, Cleaning, Xeros Technologies, Blog, consumer]

Xeros saves over 850 million litres of water

Over 5 years Xeros has saved 887,275,729 litres of water To mark World Water Day 2019, we have...
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Commercial laundry system is the world's only washing machine awarded Environmentally Preferable Product status Xeros Technology Group has secured a prestigious environmental certification by SCS Global Services, a global leader in environmental and sustainability verification. The certification recognises Xeros’ commercial washing machine as an Environmentally Preferable Product, based on a life cycle assessment of the company’s 25kg machine, operated by Xeros’ commercial laundry business, Hydrofinity. Full details can be found here. To complete the assessment SCS Global evaluated the Xeros' Hydrofinity machine over more than 20,000 wash cycles, testing factors including: water use, energy demand and carbon emissions among other environmental impacts. The results showed that the Hydrofinity machine demonstrated better performance across the board including energy savings of up to 86 per cent (during the use stage) and water savings up to 63 per cent. The results of SCS Global’s certification is validation of the work we are doing to apply our innovative, sustainable technologies across our Hydrofinity business.   In a world where precious natural resources are becoming increasingly stressed, we can no longer accept conventional thinking about every-day, water and energy intensive processes such as laundry.   At Xeros we are committed to developing our innovative technologies to reimagine these processes and divert resources away from industrial processes to where they are needed most – people. Mark Nichols, Chief Executive Officer of Xeros Technology Group     [Sustainability, Cleaning, News, Xeros Technologies]

Xeros secures Environmentally Preferable Product certification

Commercial laundry system is the world's only washing machine awarded Environmentally Preferable...
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