Xeros Denim Finishing Technology Adopted by Major Garment Manufacturer

The order from ABA Group is the first application of the Company’s sustainable technologies in garment manufacturing

Xeros technologies are to be used by one of the world's leading suppliers of denim garments, helping reduce the environmental impact of jeans sold through major high-street retailers.

ABA Group is an important supplier to clothing brands including H&M, Zara and Next, producing 45 million garments a year - around 70% of which are denim.

The order for Xeros' XOrb™ and XDrum™ denim finishing technology has been secured by Indian license partner Ramsons Garment Finishing Ltd.

Under the deal, ABA will install 9 Xeros-enabled, Ramsons denim finishing machines at a new facility in Bangladesh. Each machine is up to 5,000 litres cubic capacity and able to process around 300 pairs of jeans at a time.


The deal comes as the fashion industry faces increasing pressure to become more sustainable and reduce the environmental impact of clothing.

More than one billion pairs of jeans are made every year consuming huge volumes of water during manufacture and home care, as well as energy and chemicals that generate harmful emissions.

ABA is committed to embedding sustainable processes. It operates 4 LEED ('Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design') certified manufacturing facilities, helping the company achieve water savings of 53% and energy savings of 46%.

The implementation of Xeros-enabled Ramsons machinery will further reduce water (up to 75%), energy and chemical use. It also removes the need to use pumice stone - traditionally a key ingredient in producing stonewashed denim finishes, which quickly degrades to a sludge.

All finishing processes can be completed in one machine greatly improving productivity and profitability.

Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros commented:

Jeans are arguably the world's favourite item of clothing. But many of the processes by which they're made are unsustainable.

Forward thinking companies like ABA Group are already addressing these issues and, together with Ramsons, we have created a landmark in the garment finishing industry - at a time when it is under pressure to improve environmental performance and reduce costs.

Every pair of jeans exacts an environmental toll during manufacture, including high water consumption, and again when washed by consumers. Microfibres from their laundering are also to be found everywhere.

Our mission is to change this dramatically for all the garments in our world. This deal is an important step towards doing so.

Sunder Belani, CEO Ramsons added:

Xeros' technologies were one of the principle reasons for ABA Group selecting Ramsons to equip their new denim finishing operations.

ABA, who operate to the highest environmental standards, are one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Bangladesh supplying global leaders in the fashion industry.

We expect our partnership with Xeros to generate further orders in South Asia, which is one of the world's largest centres for garment production.