Xeros Seals First Microfibre Filtration Deal

Landmark agreement will tackle microfibre pollution resulting from commercial laundry processes

Xeros has signed an historic agreement with the commercial laundry giant Girbau, to license the company’s microfibre filtration technology, XFiltra™.

The deal will see Girbau introduce a new range of microfibre filtration products, incorporating XFiltra technology, to the commercial laundry market.

The 10-year deal will enable Girbau to sell new Girbau-XFiltra products across multiple geographies including key markets of Europe and North America. The first sales are expected in 2021.

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Microfibre pollution, much of which is caused by washing clothes and textiles, is a huge and growing problem.

Tiny fibres, some of which are a form of microplastic, wash off fabrics during wash cycles. A large proportion end up polluting the environment.

An estimated 280,000 tonnes of microfibres end up in rivers and oceans every year and, in the UK alone, an estimated 9 trillion are released from laundry into wastewater every week.

Xeros believes all washing machines should have microfibre filtration technology to prevent microfibres being released into the environment.


The Girbau-XFiltra microfibre filtration product has been jointly developed by the two companies over the last 15 months and uses the core design principles of the domestic washing machine filtration technology developed by Xeros over the last four years.

With a capture rate in excess of 90% of all microfibres, the new Girbau-XFiltra products are self-cleaning devices which can be fitted inside new washing machines or attached externally to existing machines. They can even be reconfigured to filter effluent from entire laundry facilities.

The products are designed to work with machines covering a range of facilities from coin-operated laundromats to commercial and industrial laundries.

Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros said:

This is an historic moment for Xeros and our goal of helping people to ‘wear better’ by reducing the environmental impact of the clothing we wear and fabrics we use.


Commercial and domestic laundry processes are generating enormous amounts of microfibre pollution which is damaging our rivers and oceans, and harming wildlife.


So, we are delighted to have signed our first filtration license agreement with Girbau, a company which shares our vision and passion for protecting the environment, preventing pollution and minimising waste.


This is a giant step for Xeros and Girbau and it presents an opportunity for everyone who uses commercial washing machines to do what’s right.