Xeros Supports Orphaned Children in Africa

Xeros has sent hundreds of clothes to The Hope Foundation, helping children who’ve lost families.

Xeros has sent more than 100kg of clothing to an African charity supporting children who’ve lost their families.

The clothing package, which was sent in January, is the latest donation from Xeros to The Hope Foundation in Kinshasa, the Capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Foundation was set up by Awezaye Lushombo in 2018 to help women who had been widowed.

But the charity has grown rapidly to support children who’ve been orphaned and left living in poverty and, more broadly, people who don’t have the means to support themselves.

Awezaye Lushombo, who established The Hope Foundation said:

I believe that helping people who are less fortunate is the greatest investment one could ever accomplish.

With limited resources to help those in need, I feared about financial hardship. But, along the way I have had the opportunity to meet kind and compassionate donors such as Xeros.

Every month, Xeros buys a considerable number of new clothes and other textiles which it uses to test its sustainable laundry technologies.

For the last three years, Xeros has been donating clothes to The Hope Foundation along with other donations from the company and members of staff.


Awezaye Lushombo continues:

With its donations, Xeros has supported my vision for the last three years. They have helped me provide clothes for children who’ve lost everything, as well as feed and support widows and others who can no longer provide for themselves.

They have shown us extreme kindness and continue to do so.

Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros added:

When we’re out shopping for new clothes or putting on the laundry at home it’s easy to forget that there are people who can’t do the simple things that many of us take for granted.

It’s why Xeros is committed to supporting The Hope Foundation, which provides vital support to those who, through no fault of their own, can’t completely support themselves.

We thank and congratulate The Hope Foundation for making a real, positive difference to the lives of women and children in Kinshasa.