Xeros Washes Better

Independent tests show Xeros outperforms conventional laundry technologies and extends garment life

Xeros-enabled washing machines produce better results and offer significant environmental benefits according to new independent analysis. 

Tests, which were conducted in India by The Bombay Textile Research Association (‘BTRA’) show that Xeros-enabled machines deliver significantly better wash performance than conventional washing machines. 

Thealso reveal that Xeros technologies reduce water, energy and detergent use during wash cycles and, crucially, lessen the damage caused to fabrics during washing, extending the life of textiles and garments.

Damage caused by washing can lead to garments and textiles being discarded early, which posehuge environmental challenge. 

Mark Nichols, CEO Xeros commented:

All of us want our clothes to be clean and look as good as possible. But few of us really think about how much of the the world's natural resources they consume.

The truth is, our clothes put an immense stress on the environment and, unless we do something to change that, the stress will become unbearable.

As the population increases and people buy and dispose of more and more clothes, that breaking point is being reached in many parts of the world.

It is imperative that we make our clothes using fewer resources, that we buy less and make those we have last longer.

Working with our license partners we are making this imperative a reality, reducing the environmental demands of washing garments and fabrics, making them last longer and look better. Together, we are helping the world wear better.

The tests by BTRA, which were conducted using two commercial size, 600 litre washing machines: one of which was fitted with Xeros technologies, were commissioned by IFB Ltd, the commercial partner of Xeros in India. 

IFB has exclusive rights to licence XOrb and XDrum technologies in India for both commercial and domestic washing machines. Both will be commercially available this year. 

IFB WE40XE Side View with X

The tests by BTRA show that washing machines equipped with XOrb and XDrum: 

  • wash better: producing whiter whites and removing stains like blood, oils and makeup, 
  • reduce both physical and chemical damage caused to fabrics during washing, resulting in less shrinkage and stronger textiles, 
  • use less water, energy and detergent saving money and reducing harmful emissionsIn testingthe Xeros-enabled machine used:
    • 41% less water
    • 36% less power
    • 21% less detergent 

IFB has always been at the forefront of innovation helping our customers live more sustainably with exceptional products.

The IFB and Xeros partnership takes that a step further with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies – driving innovation in laundry in a way that reduces the impact on the environment.

For customers, it will lead to new benchmarks in extending the life of clothes and fabrics; helping them save energy and water and, most importantly, deliver an outstanding wash performance.

By MD & CEO, IFB Industries Limited

Full details of the BTRA testing and a full copy of their report can be found by clicking below.

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