Sustainable solutions for laundry and apparel manufacturing

Our technologies are integrated into equipment to improve performance, reduce costs, and protect the environment.

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Are you a consumer concerned about the impact household laundry has on our environment? Find out more about everything from water use to plastic pollution in our blog


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Revolutionary products that set new standards for performance and sustainability.



Improved performance with less water, energy and chemistry.

XOrbs significantly increase the efficiency and sustainability of apparel manufacturing and laundry processes. In laundry cycles their gentle mechanical action ensure garments look and feel great, and last longer.

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A scalable design equally at home in domestic or commercial environments.

XDrum introduces XOrbs into machine cycles, with application-specific benefits including improved performance outcomes and extended garment life, then removes them after use. They are stored within the machine, ready to be used again.

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The only effective washing machine filtration solution.

Integrated into any washing machine platform, XFiltra is proven to be the best solution for preventing microfibre emissions from laundry cycles, significantly reducing environmental pollution.

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Sustainability without compromise

Significant and ongoing environmental and cost savings that make a real difference.

Our technologies deliver transformational benefits for industry and consumers. They offer a unique combination of improved performance and cost savings whilst offering unbeatable sustainability outcomes.

  • Reducing water, energy and chemical consumption and lowering emissions
  • Brighter, softer, cleaner, longer-lasting garments and fabrics
  • Reduced costs, increased productivity and improved return on investment

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